If you damage your rental vehicle, the rental company typically charges you up to your excess for the damage caused, and takes it directly from your credit card that you will have provided at the time of rental. A policy with Cover4Rentals will reimburse that amount to you up to €10,000.

It’s important that you have your insurance policy with us before you collect your rental car because it’s the only way that we can be sure that you didn’t damage the car and then decide to buy insurance to cover the cost.

We offer you a choice of Europe or Worldwide cover. The countries covered by each are as follows.

Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Channel Islands, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (including Corsica), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy (including Sardinia and Sicily), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (including Maderia), Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Worldwide: Any country, excluding: Afghanistan, Armenia, Belarus, Côte d’Ivoire, Crimea, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Republic of the Congo, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.

The rental vehicle cannot be a motor home, trailer, caravan, van, truck, non-passenger carrying vehicle, vehicle that carries more than 7 people including the driver, motorcycle, moped, motorbike, off-road* or recreational vehicle. The vehicle must not have a retail price of more than €65,000 (or local currency equivalent) and be no more than 10 years old. *4×4 vehicles are included if they are designed primarily for use on road.

The Lead Driver on the rental agreement needs to be the Policyholder, so the Cover4Rental policy will not be valid if you are an additional driver, you must be the Lead Driver.

As the policyholder, you are covered for rental agreements taken out in your name with you as the Lead Driver on the rental agreement. The Cover4Rentals policy extends to anyone who is down as an additional driver on the rental agreement. You can upgrade to family cover which allows you to add family members who live with you to the policy as Lead Drivers.

All drivers must be aged 25-84 years, be a resident of the United Kingdom, the European Union, an EEA nation, or Switzerland, they must hold a current valid driving licence issued in the United Kingdom, the European Union, by an EEA nation or by one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, or the United States of America. All drivers must not be driving against the advice of a medical practitioner.

We’d be sorry to see you go, however if you do need to, you can contact us by submitting a request via our contact form and our agents will reply as soon as possible.

Contact form

You can request amendments at any point via our contact form, our agents will assist you and provide a quote for any change of premium.

Single Trip Policies

We are unable to change your level of cover once your policy has already started but can assist with other requests.

Annual Policies

We can upgrade your cover level at any point during the policy, just let us know what you need.

Please keep in mind that any mid-term adjustment fee that was confirmed at the point of purchase of the policy will be automatically charged to avoid any delays in your request. You can refer to the copy of our Terms of Business document which is in your policy purchase email for the applicable fee.

All our annual policies are set to automatically renew, so you’ll never have to worry about not being covered year-on-year. You can request auto renewal to be removed at any time in the policy year by contacting us using our contact form.

Regardless of whether your policy will or won’t automatically renew, we’ll get in touch before its renewal date to remind you of what will happen with your policy.

If you need to make a claim please head over to our claims page for instructions and to start the process.


Your rental company does not need to accept your cover. You simply decline their excess waiver, which means if you damage the rental vehicle, they will charge you an excess, which you will then claim back from us.

Collision Damage Waiver is usually but not always included in European car rental agreements. It literally means if you damage your rental vehicle, the car rental company will waive (not charge you) for the cost of the damage up to your excess amount. So, for instance if you damage your vehicle and the cost of repair is €5,000, and your excess is €2,000, you will be charged €2,000, so in theory the remaining €3,000 is not charged (Waived or CDW).

The easiest and quickest way to contact us is through our contact us form. All you need to do is fill it out and one of our lovely customer service representatives will be able to assist with your query. You can find the form here .