What is Car Rental Insurance?

With a frustratingly complicated name and about a topic most people tend to fall asleep to, we'll forgive you for not knowing much about car rental excess insurance. But believe us when we say, it's a huge win for rental car customers everywhere. Every so often a product comes along that is 100% designed to save people money and this is one of them.

Simply put, car rental excess insurance is an optional policy that you can purchase from us instead of agreeing to expensive additional insurance from rental car companies. Our policy then refunds you the deductible that you paid in the event that your rental gets damaged.

All you have to do is purchase a policy from us beforehand and politely decline the insurance offered by the rental company at the desk and you're on your way.

How Does it Work?

A typical rental car insurance policy comes with a large excess/deductible. So if you were to say make a claim because you damaged the rental car, you'd have to pay a large chunk of money to the car rental company just because you've claimed.

Sounds unfair, right? It is. That's why rental companies offer you the chance to remove this excess/deductible (often when you're at your weakest, jet-lagged at the desk, filling in a load of other forms) by purchasing their additional cover at eye-watering prices.

Now in contrast, a policy with us, will cost just a fraction of the price whilst still providing the same (or in some cases even better!) cover than the rental company do. The only difference is that our policy reimburses the cost of the deductible that you'd have to pay to the rental company once your claim has gone through. Just look at how much money you could save during a 7 day rental:

Hertz Alamo Europcar Sixt
Accidental Cover
Tyres, Glass & Underbody
Initial Deductible €0.00 €1191.92 €1250.00 €1040.00 €1000.00
Cost of zero-deductible policy €25.22 €232.32 €124.39 €232.50 €332.64
Potential Saving with a C4R policy €0.00 €207.10 €99.17 €207.28 €307.42

You can save on average a huge [#]205 over a week and benefit from comprehensive tyres, windscreen and undercarriage (the underside of the car) cover – something that rental companies often don't include. Our claims process is super simple too, all you need to make sure is that you have all the documents you need, and you can find out all about that on our claims page here. Sounds pretty great, right? It is.

Why Do I Need it?

If you're still unsure about the magical potential of car rental excess insurance, look no further than below:

  • You got that vacation booked, you took the flight, after an annoyingly long time you've found the correct rental desk and you endured the snaking, agonisingly long line to the front.
  • You're exhausted and the, albeit smiley and friendly, rental car associate is talking incredibly quickly about insurance and responsibilities and you kind of zone out until you hear "…and that will be [#]300 please." You nearly feint, say no thank you, grab the keys and hurry your family to the car which is on level 12 of the parking garage, right at the end, next to the massive pillar.
  • Then comes the stressful test of working out how to drive in this country, you're tyring to concentrate, the kids are screaming, your partner is giving incorrect directions and you just want to get to the hotel you get in reverse, look one way then…BAM. Car and pillar collide. Perfect.
  • Suddenly the [#]300 doesn't sound so bad, or does it? Rewind 24 hours, and with a super quick 5 minute visit to our site, you could have been covered for as little as [#]3 per day and that dent on the side of your rental car wouldn't look nearly as terrifying.

We all want to save money where we can, and no one likes being taken advantage of, car rental excess insurance is one of life’s little victories. It takes next to no time to get a quote and could end up saving you the cost of a vacation in itself – which let’s face it are stressful enough.

Find out how little a policy with us could cost you today by grabbing a quote now.

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